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Affiliate marketing network Tradedoubler is joining PerformanceIN to host a webinar on August 29th, 14:30 GMT, focused on data-driven insights. 
Join an audience with Tradedoubler UK managing director, Chris Russell-Smith and product director, Nick Morris, for a 30-minute webinar followed by questions and discover how to leverage business intelligence and user journey reporting to create data-driven digital strategies.

The webinar follows a recent survey by Tradedoubler which found that the biggest barriers for advertisers and publishers when it comes to succeeding in performance marketing are the lack of actionable data-driven insights available and data visibility (34%), as well as the lack of visibility of the whole online customer journey (29%).

With the aim of providing advertisers actionable insights, attendees to this webinar will also be able to discover Tradedoubler’s Business Intelligence and User Journey reporting platforms.
“Data can be very powerful or it can be overwhelming. Marketers create more and more data but still many find that identifying data from which actionable insights can be made, is a challenge.This webinar is for anyone who wants to understand how they can leverage the data available to them to make decisions that lead to improved performance.” 
– Chris Russell-Smith, 
UK Managing Director,
How to Leverage Business Intelligence and User Journey to Create Data-Driven Digital Strategies
02:30 PM
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